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The JPL Digital Image Animation Laboratory is an advanced computer animation, and software engineering facility with broadcast quality video recording and editing capabilities. The DIAL was created and is continually developed by the Visualization and Earth Science Applications group, within the Space Science Data Systems section at JPL.

The Image Analysis and Technology & Applications Development subgroups are responsible for DIAL animations and software development. The members of the Image Analyst subgroup process digital imagery and create scientific visualizations and animations. Analysts process data from robot spacecraft like Voyager, Magellan and Galileo and create planetary science animations as part of NASA's Solar System Visualization Project. They also process data from satellites and Space Shuttle instruments for the study of Earth's resources. Examples of their work include "LA, TheMovie", "Mars, The Movie", and segments of the IMAX films, "Blue Planet" and "Destiny in Space."

The programmers in the Technology and Applications Development subgroup design and write visualization and analysis software. This software includes perspective rendering programs, video equipment control programs, and the ACTORS system.

The VESA group members and others use the DIAL to accomplish a wide variety of tasks . These tasks include the production of scientific animations and the development of software tools for the visualization and analysis of scientific data.

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