The Visualization and Earth Science Applications (VESA) group is part of the Space Science Data Systems Section (Section 382) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Efforts of the VESA group are focused on Science Data Visualization and Computer Graphics. JPL's mission for NASA is to explore the Solar System. The VESA group supports this activity by producing still and animated visualizations for the planetary exploration missions. The VESA group also performs visualization efforts for the private industry, other NASA centers, and other branches of the U.S. government.

The VESA group operates the Digital Image Animation Laboratory (DIAL). The DIAL facility contains:

The VESA group has performed data visualization at JPL since the mid 1980's. An early and well known animation produced by group is L.A. The Movie , a 3D perspective rendering of a flight around the Los Angeles (California) area starting off the coast behind Catalina Island and includes a brief flight up the San Andreas Fault-line. Since then the group has produced many such animation including flights around Mars, Venus, Miranda (a moon of Jupiter) and much more.