updated 6/27/05

Astrological sign Virgo
Chinese sign Snake
Blood Type AB+
Birthday September 15
Favorite Music Drum and Bass
Favorite Game Tekken III
Favorite Food Cheeseburgers

Wanna see some really stoopid pictures of me?


I am a programmer and animator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab which is where most interplanetary probes are made and send their images to. Right now I am driving the Mars rover opportunity around Mars using software that my teammates and I designed. Before I got into driving rovers I was a video engineer and also did an animation for the IMAX 3-d movie L-5 First City in Space.

The lab I work in is called the DIAL for digital image animation lab. I moved to LA about 10! years ago after going to school at UArts in Philadelphia for a BFA in sculpture and Drexel University for some electrical engineering. After that JPL gave me a couple years off to go and get my Masters at Stanford in Aero/Astro. I hope you enjoy the pictures and links.